Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Uploaded the source code to SF SVN

You go on holiday (Sweden), just for two weeks (get to be only 2m apart from the Japanese emporer, no glas or whatsoever!), and not even back in your home country but being at a workschop (Bioclipse), you discover that the machine that runs the Cb MySQL database has been abducted!

Got resolved by agreeing to hand in the machine in some three weeks, and the machine is back at his old place. Making backups now. I will move the website to the SF project for the Blue Obelisk, and just moved my copy of the software to the Subversion repository.


Mitch said...

Can you shoot me an e-mail? I don't see your e-mail listed anywhere on the site, and I have something to show you.


mitch said...

mitch #@! berkeley edu