Wednesday, June 27, 2007

RDFa Operator in action on Cb

I reported yesterday on my efforts (and Mike's help) to get RDFa for chemistry going. I did not have time to add the new HTML code to Cb, but have done so now:

Read my Chem-bla-ics blog for the details.

More molecules in Cb

Because the use of chemical microformats and RDFa is not yet picking up, I extended Cb to detect molecules via Wikipedia. This is paying off, even though a lot of Wikipedia entries do not list InChIs: the list is much longer now, and covers a much larger set of blogs. Thanx to all who link to Wikipedia when naming a chemical compound!

New Blogs #7

These are the new blogs that entered Chemical blogspace in the last month:

Suggestions are most welcome, and thanx to those who did in the last month.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cb moved to new location...

Because the CUBIC has shutdown, and my desktop machine there will be removed shortly, I moved the Chemical blogspace homepage to:

This is replacing the temporary hosting at SourceForge. The webpage is now hosted by the Geoff of OpenBabel.

If you run one of the script which adds comments from Cb to either DOIs or InChIs, you need to adapt the script you have installed and replace in all URLs or with