Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cb is back in business

Two weeks ago, I looked into why Cb was failing once more, as Cb was giving MySQL warnings, and the after that I cleaned up the list of active blogs. Several people reported that, for example, the Blue Obelisk RSS feed was down. Today, I found the cause of the lack of updates: the tags table had grown too much in size, and the software's SQL queries are not really optimised... So, our host (Dreamhost) renamed the table to fix the massive load on the MySQL server, causing the MySQL warnings, but also the lack of updates. I emptied the tags table, as the tags are not really crucial anyway, making the website show up nicely again, and hopefully making the update script not fail any more, either...

Friday, December 12, 2008

More SQL trouble #2

Like in August, there is SQL trouble again. Did not have time to study the problem earlier this week, but on it right now. These SQL warnings are typically caused by broken RSS/Atom input, and often a clean up from the list of active blogs solves the problem. (I'll soon blog the next in the series New Blogs, as there have been quite a few new blogs. But hey, it's been 8 months since the last in the series...

However, there was a considerable loss of active blogs today (11)... At the moment I do not know what happened yet, but is down... Did the service stop? Or is it just a temporary problem? I hope this is not the end of the Rise of Chemical blogspace