Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Special Markup Howto #1

Because the website has been rather slow for me (Euan, what is causing that? Too many users?), and upon user request, I start a series of Special Markup articles here, which will give the most up to date description of the supported markup.

Marking up Conferences
Conferences can be markup by using the @rel="conference" attribute for the <a> element. See an earlier blog item.

Marking up Articles
While the software will pick up most literature automatically, you can mark up a paper as being reviewed. Just add the @rel="review" attribute to the <a> element linking to the journal article webpage.

Marking up Molecules
This has been described in this earlier blog item. The softeware will pickup the markup for SMILES and InChI's.

There are currently no microformats supported, but this is anticipated. For example, hCalender and hReview are likely candidates.

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Stew said...

I've been on holiday, that's my excuse... has probably been slow because (a) there's a new aggregation-related product launching soon that shares the same server, maybe it has been doing something particularly CPU intensive and (b) we upgraded a bunch of packages and I didn't test the pipeline properly. :(

Thanks for these articles, btw... I'll link to them from the postgenomic wiki.