Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Blogs #6

The previous New Blogs was not the regular month ago, but will be on holiday for the next two weeks, and there have been nine new blogs anyway:

Suggestions (like these from Derek) are most welcome, and thanx to those who did in the last month.

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baoilleach said...

The only problem is that it is not trivial to find out whether a particular blog is already in Cb. Presumably, you type the blog name into the search box on and click on "Search Blogs". However, this doesn't seem to work for similar matches (e.g. "papercuts" gave no hits, but "paper cuts" did), or for blogs containing punctuation (e.g. "Noel O'Blog" no hits, but "Noel" worked). I guess these are general problems associated with searching. Sort by alphabetical name (rather than 'linked to') might be a good idea too...I might implement some of these ideas once I have time as I've asked to become a developer on openreview.