Tuesday, January 15, 2008

HELP! MySQL optimizations needed

Chemical blogspace has been closed down; that is, they seemed to have locked down access to the database. As you might have noticed, I have taken steps to reduce the problems with the database, but these were mere temporary fix ups. The real problem is the database design and, in particular, the SQL queries. These are too slow. Euan, the original author of the software, has already been looking into the problem he himself is encountering too, for it is. But, I do not have time right now to fix those slow SQL queries :(


The source is available and email me for a dump of the database.


Mitch said...

Any idea what queries were causing the largest strain?

David Bradley said...

MySQL is great but can be a real pain in the 'arris. In a blog system like Wordpress, which uses it, you can do all kinds of optimisations at the database level but a caching plugin seems to be the best way to avoid spiking the server when you suddenly get lots of traffic. Might something similar be available for your system or is there server-side caching available to you perhaps?